There has never been a point in history with more visual material being created than today. Technology has allowed users to create, distribute, manipulate, and set new trends at a rate that is impossible for any one person to keep up with.  Technological advancements such as photo-manipulation software and social media are so readily available to anyone with an internet connection that the boundaries which define “real” have become increasingly difficult to define. Photographs are just as malleable as oil paint; therefore, the definition of Photorealism needs to change with the times.  Mason Pott is a visual artist who examines the relationships between contemporary image making practices and historical painting traditions. His oil paintings combine a variety of visual resources and reference photography and post-processing practices. His work questions what a realistic painting is in the contemporary “photo-edit happy” environment and blurs the lines which conventionally define real and abstract.

Pott earned his BFA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2015. Since then, he has participated in numerous artist residencies and competitions.  His work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and is held in private collections in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, and Paris.